Cjs 709's Common Questions.
                      COMMON QUESTIONS (all answers below questions!)

1.  Do you take request?

A: Of course! Anything you like! (;

2. Do you Sub4Sub?

A: NO!!! I earned my Subscribers! Earn your own!

3. Have I seen you in a store before?

A: Highly doubt it, I live in West Virginia New Martinsville, little town, but thats where I was born, and the only stores I go to is Walmart and Goodwill. (:

4. Do you have siblings?

A: Yes, I have a 10 year old brother, named Gary, and a little sister Alysa (A-lee-sa) is turning 8 in November!

5. Is there any other ways to communicate with you except for this, and Youtube?

A: WEEL....I do have a skype, but that needs a webcam, if you want to get a hold of me let me know....i will PM you on youtube and tell you how to find me!

6. Whats your family like? (Except you're mom and dad)
A: Well, I have a uncle that lives in California. I keep in contact with him using Skype. And another uncle in Missouri...i keep in contact with him by txt message!

7. Ok...now you're mom and dad.

A: My mom is -- years old (she won't let me put her age) and she takes care of us alone. My dad left us 3 years ago due to Lung Cancer...but I don't really like to talk about it.



1. What kind of videos do you like to make?

A: As you probably already noticed, LPS, and 2d animation music videos, and vids. of my sis modeling.

2. What are you working on now?

A: Check out my Coming Soon page! (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

3. Can I advertise on my videos?

A: Actually, not alot of people say this, but...go ahead! (no one looks there anyway...)

4.What Camera Do You Have?

A: I have a red Polaroid Camera and a Jazz Camcorder, I use both to make videos, they aren't the best, though.

5. What Software do you use?

A: I use Windows Movie Maker 2.6, and rarely Sony Vegas Pro 11 (Sony Vegas is a trial.)

6. Do you allow comments on all of your videos?

A: Not exactly anymore, some people are posting very rude comments..so I have to approve them...so sad..):


A: yes, you may reuse them, as long as you give me ALL CREDIT!!!

                         QUESTIONS I HAVE TO ASK YOU: (PM me if you know answers)

                1. How do you add links to pics or phrases on youtube?

                2. What videos do you like?
                3.  How do you make a checkmark or a copywrite symbol on your keyboard?

                4. Do you REALLY like my videos, or watch them and get bored (if you get bored, then tell me why and how you think I can make it better)

              5. How many people really read my blog?

              6. How do you get advertisments in your video?
(I know this sounds dumb, but its professional. B-/